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Market Monday: We Shop Small and So Should You

The time for the Shop Small Holiday Market is drawing near and we sure are getting excited! If you haven’t already done so, stop by our Holiday Market Details page to read up on all of the fun we have planned!

This week, as part of our Market Monday series, we hear from M2G Ventures and what partnering with Shop Small Fort Worth for the Holiday Market means to them.

As I’m sure you know by now, M2G Ventures has partnered with Shop Small Fort Worth for their Holiday Market. We are truly thankful for this opportunity. Through this event and partnership, we have been given the chance to help benefit The Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth. We also get to celebrate the community of local artists, craftsmen, and businesses within the DFW area. There is so much soul and talent in this city, and Shop Small goes beyond just recognizing this. They empower it.

If you have been following the Market Monday blog, then you know how much M2G values dreaming. Our mission is to inspire, dream big, and expose the soul. We know as business owners ourselves what it takes to make our dreams come true and we strongly encourage others to follow their dreams and chase their passions. We know it is not an easy road by any means, and we are grateful for organizations such as Shop Small who create a platform for these local business owners to share what they love with the rest of the community. Fort Worth is a special place with so many creative minds and driven hearts. It’s the local artisans and businesses that put the “funk” in Funky Town. We are constantly amazed by the innovative people in this area.

The Holiday Market is so much more than a day of shopping. It’s about supporting the dreams and hard work of these local businesses. It is a collective market for buyers to shop locally. It is a time to network and encourage the work of your neighbor. If the incredibly cool and unique vendors aren’t reason enough, then come for Santa. Yes, that’s right. Even Santa can’t resist the Holiday Market! He will be there taking pictures and listening to the live music. It’s going to be to be such an amazing day and we cannot wait to team up with Shop Small for this incredible event.

We here at Shop Small Fort Worth feel very fortunate to have partnered with M2G Ventures, a business who shares the same vision and aspiratio

ns for the Fort Worth community as we do! We hope you will come and enjoy the amazing talent that our small business community has to offer and join us for the Holiday Market on November 12th and 13th!

Purchase your Shop Small Holiday Market tickets here!

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