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You can now join our Closed Facebook Group as your Company Business Page!

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With over 15.3K+ Group Members and 7K+ daily active members this group is THE place to showcase your products and services!


Join the group for FREE as a buying member or create your Facebook Business Page Subscription and start selling your products and marketing your business NOW!

The Shop Small Fort Worth Closed Facebook Group is an extension of the Shop Small Fort Worth brand that gives artists and craftsmen a platform to sell and advertise their handmade and locally designed products to our community! We're excited to have a fun platform where locals can expose their passions, ideas and homemade items while gaining the exposure they need to launch start their businesses!


For a small monthly fee, local Brick & Mortar shops, online clothing boutiques and service providers can now join us as a Business Facebook Page Subscriber! Sell your products and/or services, grow your Facebook presence and page views, send customers directly to your website for easy ordering, shipping and inventory tracking, market your business to new clients/customers + advertise special events, classes or workshops your business is hosting! You'll also be easily found by members in our Member Directory under the "Pages" section!

 And, the best part of ALL of being a part of a growing community of small business owners and buyers who network, support, and collaborate on NEW ideas businesses and products! Now THAT, is something to get excited about!




How to join as your Business Page:

After you have created your monthly subscription, you will need to request to join the group as your Facebook Business Page. Once we receive your PayPal Subscription notice please allow up to 72 hours for us to receive the notice and accept your page into the group.


If you do not have a business email connected to your PayPal account that will help us recognize what FB Business Page to approve, we ask that you email us at with your business name and notification of you rpending request. Please note, you will be able to be a member of the group as both your personal page AND your business page.


Requesting to join the Group:

If already a member and you are having issues requesting to join as your FB Business Page you may need to leave the group and request to join again in order to see your Business Page Profile appear in the "Join As" pop up. We have found in most cases it is easier to make the "Request To Join" from your phone through the standard Facebook App, NOT the Pages App.


If still having issues seeing the pop up prompting you to choose which account you would like to Request to Join the group as, you may have an outdated version of the Facebook App and will need to delete and reinstall the app on your phone.


As you know Facebook can make things a bit tricky sometimes! So, we have provided a few links to resources we have found to hopefully make the process easier for you to join! Find those links below and feel free to email us at with any issues you may have if errors occur.


Before posting for the first time:

Once accepted and ready to start posting, we ask that you please take a moment to review the Group Rules before posting for the first time. And, even if you have been a member we ask that you review the rules as items may have changed!


We also ask that you help us keep this group professional and clean by posting only high quality images and represent your business in the most professional way! As the moderators, we do have the right to delete any posts that we feel are not up to par with the group and its standards. 


Thank you so much for your excitement and joining us!

I wish you ALL the success in 2021!!!


Happy Posting!




*By creating your subscription account you are signing up to autopay your monthly group fee through PayPal or Debit/Credit Card. If you choose to cancel your subscription you must email and give 30 days notice for us to process your cancelation. 

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