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Market Monday: A Tale of Two Sisters

As you may have heard by now, the Shop Small Fort Worth Holiday Market will be held on November 12th and 13th, 2016 and we could not be more excited! We are thrilled to be working alongside some phenomenal partners for this event, and want to be sure to share more about them and the great things they are doing for the community of Fort Worth. Each Monday leading up to market, we'll be sharing a story about one of our partners, what they do, how they got started and how we are working together.

Today's post is from our partners at M2G Ventures. Without them, we would not be able to create the amazing holiday market experience we have in the works. We are so grateful to these generous sisters and their hardworking team. They are hosting us at their venue and continue to work closely with us to make our vision for this event happen. Read more about them, and how they got their start below.

M2G Ventures was built with a desire to inspire. Co-Founders, Jessica Worman and Susan Gruppi, have been together since the very beginning. Literally. They’re twin sisters. Owning their own company and putting their stamp on the world had always been how they defined their success. They wanted to create a company that allowed them to work on unique and creative projects, in turn being able to inspire others and the communities in which they are involved. Figuring out what each building and collection of buildings wants to be for the community is what they are steadfastly passionate about. Susan and Jessica wanted to dream big and influence others to do the same.

On a trip to Prague and Berlin, the two sisters had exhausted thousands of names on what to name their newly formed commercial real estate company they had so badly wanted their whole lives. The company was formed and named M2G Ventures, to pay homage to their upbringing as the children of two real estate entrepreneurs who taught them what they know and always said they could accomplish whatever they set their minds to. The M stands for Miller, the girls maiden names, and the 2G for second generation. Soon after the logo of two golden geese came to light, when their father said “Your investors will be lucky, most only have one golden goose guarding the golden egg, they now have the opportunity to have two.”

The above picture is a shot of the Berlin Wall, which is covered with hundreds of murals and street art inspiring everyone that comes in contact with it. This in part was one of the places that inspired M2G Ventures to focus on bringing intentional public art to all of its projects. Another way to breathe soul into what some would think are only 4 walls and a roof.

More to come on this dynamic duo and their team in the coming weeks! In the meantime, hop on over to their Facebook, Instagram or website to learn more about their current projects.

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