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Sharing Successes: My Little Pies

This story is nothing short of sweet! We love hearing small business owners share their success stories about how Shop Small Fort Worth has helped their business grow and flourish. The Facebook group, website and pop-up shops are all platforms for small business owners to springboard their businesses. The following success story shared by Carol Miller, owner of My Little Pies, is the perfect example of how Shop Small Fort Worth has helped her business grow and allowed her to make some amazing local connections.

Never in a million years did I imagine having a successful miniature pie business. That success was cultivated through my Pop's encouragement, God placing this passion on my heart and Shop Small Fort Worth! The beginning of this crazy ride began just over three months ago as an idea for my Pops' birthday gift. He loves all things sweet, so I decided to play around with some miniature pies because what else do you give a man who already has everything? I made him a dozen baked fruit pies and to say he loved them would be an understatement. He told me they were so good I should sell them. With an unnoticed eye roll and a sarcastic "thank you" I thought to myself, "He has to say that! He's my Pops!" But then I felt something in my heart say "go for it!"

As a stay-at-home mom to an almost two-year-old, I had some time on my hands to make a few dozen pies, take pictures and post them for sale in Shop Small Fort Worth's Facebook Group. My husband asked me what I would call these new little creations and I jokingly replied, "My Little Pies!" Well the name was perfect and it stuck. By the end of that first week, I sold more than 50 dozen pies and received a huge opportunity from Chef Todd Brown and his wife Natalie to sell my pies in their new deli and gourmet to-go, Lettuce Cook! Completely overwhelmed with multiple sell-out days, I had all my business affairs arranged, a logo and business cards made, Facebook page created and continued to sell dozens in the Shop Small Fort Worth group.

Recently, I participated in a pop-up sale at University Car Wash and Oil Service through Shop Small Fort Worth and the feedback from customers who bought My Little Pies that Saturday was so encouraging! Without the platform that Shop Small Fort Worth created for small local businesses to advertise and sell our items, I know My Little Pies would not be where it is headed today! I'm now catering with Texas Christian University, collaborating with Fort Worth's own Chef Jon Bonnell as well as booking wedding and special events where My Little Pies are specifically requested.

Once more, I want to extend my sincere gratitude to Shop Small Fort Worth, my sweet Pops (Mike Miller), Chef Todd C. Brown and Natalie Brown with Lettuce Cook, my supportive husband Kent and all of you for allowing me to turn this new found passion for miniature pies into my flourishing business. Nothing makes me happier than spreading sweetness, kindness and joy to others. All of which I am able to do through My Little Pies!

Carol, we could not be more excited for you and all of your successes. You deserve it! Want to sink your teeth into some of Carol's delicious pies? Visit her Shop Small Fort Worth listing for more information!

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