Easy Healthy Lunches Your Kids Will Actually Eat!

September 7, 2017

School is back in session which means, for all you Moms out there, your sanity can finally start making it's way back, woohoo!, but with that daily routine comes the oh so fun lunch planning. Lunches are my biggest struggle. I try to pack nutritious foods but often get lunches boxes returned with full containers. The struggle is real! Today we have the talented Chef Deb Cantrell of Savor Culinary Services back on the blog sharing a few tips on how to get your little ones to eat those healthy lunches and get them packed and ready with ease.



I’ll let Chef Deb take over from here…



An Experts Advice on Packing Easy, Healthy Lunches Your Kids Will Actually Eat


Kids are back in school and while you might be rejoicing at the thought of getting some free time back, you might also be dreading having to pack those back to school lunches. As a mom of two children myself (although my youngest is now in high school!) I know how difficult it can be to get kids to eat the lunches you pack them, let alone healthy ones! Over the years, through trial and error I have figured out some tricks that get your kids to actually eat the healthy lunches you pack them (imagine that!)


Include a Lot of Color: Kids eat with their eyes first. The more color you can add to their lunch, the more visually appealing the food will be. As you know, your kids probably have a favorite color so pack some fruit and vegetables in that color and they will probably be more open to trying it.



Incorporate Fun Shapes: Kids love fun shapes and textures, so stock up on some fun cookie cutters and get a little artsy and make star-shaped strawberries, heart-shaped cheese bites or dinosaur shaped sandwiches. You could even get alphabet cookie cutters and make their name. There are so many fun possibilities and an old turkey sandwich will be exciting again! Check out this fun Star Wars theme lunch via www.MarthaStawart.com.