Why Eat, Play and Shop Local?

Who are you? Are you like me? I have always been a creator. A maker. A designer. An entrepreneur. A business owner. Someone who gets an idea in her head and sees so far into the future and how amazing that business could be or how much people would love what I am making. So many ideas! So many. I don’t sleep much. For those of you who feel the same, you know that this is something you are born with- a drive that has been inside of you since you can remember. Whether you have the means or opportunity to pursue these dreams, or whether the time just isn’t right, that passion never leaves.  Once that light bulb moment happens, game on!


Faith. Patience. Trust. Hope. I spend hours and money, and shed tears doing anything and everything and more to bring my vision into reality. So much time put into this piece, this shop, this restaurant, this dream.  Time away from friends and family. Years and milestones of my babies gone, lost forever.  Am I crazy? Is it all worth it? But with so much excitement, it has to be worth it. I mean I love this! Of course, people are not going to not be able to live without having one, or without stopping by my amazing shop, or eating the most delectable cuisine in this city! People will feel my purpose, my heart, and my hard work the second they cross the threshold or the moment they hang my creation in their living room. I mean… Right?!


Fear. Insecurity. Doubt. So now what? Who buys this? Who comes into my boutique? Who orders my fresh-baked cookies?  Friends and family love them, of course, and tell me to list on Etsy, saying, “these will be a huge hit!” But honestly, the thought of having to pack and ship this big bulky thing just sounds like a huge pain in the tush. Should I approach local stores? Then the insecurity sets in. What if I show up and they hate it? What if I open this store and can’t pay the rent? What if….


We are all born with a passion. Maybe that isn’t to own your own business, and that is OK. Maybe your excitement insecurity, and energy resides in something else. The point of this is to help you relate and understand why artists, craftsmen, or businesses might cost more, take longer, or not be as easily accessible as the big box stores! And let’s be honest, we all shop them. I love the convenience and price selection in a one-stop shop. But our community knows us. They know our style, our behaviors, our unique qualities, and they cater to us. They want to make us happy. They love their products and want you to